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Collaborative Law

Another option to keep divorce out of Court is to use Collaborative Law.

A divorce using Collaborative Law allows for more attorney involvement than in mediation because both parties hire their own lawyers. Collaborative Divorce is a process that allows the attorneys and the parties to resolve their issues in an environment based on trust, understanding, and honesty. The parties try to settle the outstanding issues through a series of four way conferences.

There are many benefits to proceeding with a divorce through Collaborative Law. As in mediation, the process keeps the parties out of Court, which benefits children greatly. Additionally, the parties and their lawyers are able to find creative ways to settle their differences. Both parties benefit further from advice from their own counsel, while agreeing to keep the matter out of Court. Typically, a divorce through Collaborative Law provides for reduced emotional and financial impact on the family.

Should the collaborative process fail, both parties must obtain new lawyers and start the whole divorce process over. This usually gives the parties added incentive to settle.

If you feel as though a divorce through Collaborative Law is the best option for you and your family please contact Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy at (203) 255-8100 to discuss your case.