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Sometimes spouses are simply unable to agree on one or more aspects of their divorce through mediation and/or collaboration, and litigation is the best venue to resolve differences. Litigation may also be a preferred choice if there are significant power imbalances in the relationship.

Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy understands that when you face challenges, it is important to have an experienced and compassionate counsel at your side. Charmoy & Charmoy is a small legal firm for exactly this reason, so that you will benefit from one-on-one attention every step of the way. The lawyer you hire will carefully represent you. Your case will never be handed over to an associate.

Attorney Charmoy is an effective litigator well versed in all aspects of the family law trial process, and will advocate strongly on your behalf.

Please contact Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy at (203) 255-8100 to discuss your case.