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Mediation is an effective process to help couples divorce when the parties are in agreement on most major issues. There are many benefits to mediating your divorce. Because the parties are actively involved in drafting their agreement, it is rare for a family to find themselves back in Court afterwards. This is the most beneficial aspect of mediation.

Mediation is especially beneficial for families with children. Often, children become unintended casualties of their parent's divorce. When parties agree to keep their divorce out of the Court, they are taking the antagonism out of the divorce, and approaching the divorce as a family reorganization where both parties have an equal say in the outcome.

Typically, one lawyer is engaged during a mediated divorce. That attorney will work with both parties. As a result, mediated divorces often result in less financial and emotional drain on the parties, their children, and the family in general.

However, mediation is not the right option in every case. Consider how contested your divorce is likely to be. Is there a significant power imbalance between you and your spouse? If so, it is better for parties to each have their own counsel. Attorney Charmoy will help you determine the best means to resolve your issues.

If you feel as though mediation is the best option for you and your family please contact Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy at (203) 255-8100 to discuss your case.