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Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotional step to make. Often, people approach the process feeling anxious and unsure of what to expect. And understandably so; there is so much to consider.

Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy considers divorce to be a reorganization of the family unit, not a termination of it. She approaches each client, and each family with compassion first. As partner in the process, you will work closely with Sheila, benefiting from her years of experience, and receiving access to the information necessary to make informed decisions. Through every step, you will gain confidence so you can have a voice in the outcome.

In any divorce situation, parties have choices: you can choose to mediate the matter, handle it collaboratively, or litigate. No matter what option you choose, Attorney Charmoy has the experience to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Attorney Charmoy will guide you through every step of your divorce, including Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Alimony, Educational Support, Retirement Distribution, and Property Distribution, including disposition of the marital residence.

Please contact Attorney Sheila Sinha Charmoy at (203) 255-8100 to discuss your case.
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