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Property Division

Many people when contemplating a divorce are under the mistaken assumption that all marital property will be divided equally between the parties. That is not necessarily the case in Connecticut. The courts consider many different factors when determining how to divide the marital estate, and the courts have wide discretion when making such orders. What this means is that you need a family law attorney who has extensive knowledge of all of the factors considered by a court when making a property award in a divorce.

Some of the things the court will consider are the length of the marriage, what property you brought to the marriage, what you contributed to the assets of the marriage, whether you have kids, your educational background, health and employability, but there are many other considerations as well. Every single divorce in Connecticut is unique and the courts are required to take this into consideration when determining property awards.

Property and support awards in Connecticut must always be part of a carefully crafted order to make sure that in the end the equities balance. You need an experienced family law attorney to advise you in matters related to property division so that you can make knowing decisions with regard to your divorce. Attorney Sheila S. Charmoy has spent a significant time in the Courtroom litigating these issues, as a result she has the knowledge and experience to help guide you in making these decisions.

Client Reviews
I used the professional legal services of Sheila Charmoy during my divorce proceedings. Sheila proved herself to be a strong advocate and excellent negotiator. She took the time to fully explain and research all my legal options and the end result was a fair and equitable solution. I would highly recommend Sheila to anyone seeking highly professional and dedicated legal service. J.M.
I hired Sheila Charmoy to sort out some post-judgment issues with my ex-husband. She is a conscientious, highly knowledgeable, experienced family attorney, who always responded to all my questions, concerns, emails and phone calls. She kept me updated on the status of my case, and was always well prepared, and performed extremely well in the courtroom. She works hard and has a high level of integrity that made me trust her completely. I recommend her without reservation. N.S.